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Why Is It Important to Get An Ultrasound?


Make sure the pregnancy is viable with a heartbeat.

  • If the pregnancy is not viable, most of the time the fetus will pass naturally.¹ If not, your doctor may refer you for a dilation curettage.²


Located in the right place.

  •  If the pregnancy is not in the right location, i.e. ectopic, this can be life threatening to the mother and she will need immediate medical care.³ 


Determine the age of the baby and due date. 

  • It’s important to know how far along you are because options change based on gestational age.

What Is An Ultrasound?


An ultrasound is a method of creating an image using high frequency sound waves.

  • It has been widely used medically since the 1970s.5

When Should I Get An Ultrasound?


By about six weeks, 21 days after conception.6 If you don’t know how far along you are, check out this pregnancy calculator to determine an approximate due date.

  • If the pregnancy calculator states that you are 5 weeks, 5 days or later you should get an ultrasound as soon as possible.


Pregnancy Calculator:

 Regardless of whether you choose to get an abortions or not, it is important to have an ultrasound done. Call to schedule an appointment or click to schedule online today. 

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