Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can You Test for Pregnancy?

We can test for pregnancy as soon as the first day after your missed period. We offer medically verified pregnancy tests at no cost to you.

How much do your services cost?

All of our services are confidential and offered at no cost.

Do I need an appointment?

We accept both scheduled appointments and walk-ins!

When can I get an appointment?

You will be able to receive an appointment as soon as we are able to reach you and create one for you.

How long does an appointment usually last?

Appointment times vary based on the services you are requesting.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you are welcome to bring someone to your appointment if that would make you more comfortable!

Is my appointment confidential?

Yes, all of our appointments are free and completely confidential.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is the best way to ensure you get the services you need, but we also accept walk-ins.

Do You Provide Ultrasounds?

Spero Medical offers early gestational ultrasounds 6 weeks and beyond.

What If I Don’t Know What To Do?

Our staff can give you information about all your options so you can make a confident, empowered decision.

Can I Change My Mind After Taking The Abortion Pill?

If you have changed your mind after taking the abortion pill, there is a chance you can save your pregnancy. We can help you learn everything you need to know about Abortion Pill Reversal and where you can get the help you need in your local community, as time is of the essence.