Are you considering adoption?

If you are considering adoption and feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s understandable. You might have questions about the process! Adoption has changed over the decades but has always been a significant decision.

Nowadays, women have a lot of control over the process. They can choose the adoptive couple and the type of adoption plan that is best for them. For many women, adoption is a beautiful but bittersweet journey filled with a variety of emotions.

Choose From Various Adoption Plans

There are three adoption plans to choose from. Find the one that may be a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Each plan is different and requires much thought to make the best decision. These plans include:

  1. Open adoption: An open adoption allows a lot of freedom and flexibility for a birth mother. This option might be best for women who want to form a relationship with their child and be in their life. During an open adoption, the woman has contact with the child and their adoptive family through letters, visits, and other methods. A lot of control and freedom is offered during the process, leaving the woman to choose the best possible plan for her and the child.
  2. Semi-open adoption: With this type of adoption plan, the birth mother has contact with the child and family. However, all communication is handled through a third party, such as an adoption attorney or agency. This is best for women who wish for more privacy by using a third party to organize all communication and handle the details.
  3. Closed adoption: This option is best for women wanting to remain anonymous. With a closed adoption, the birth mother has no contact with the child, and the courts seal all records. She remains completely private, and the adoptive family will not know her identity.

Spero Medical offers classes for women considering adoption to help her better understand the process and help walk her through the emotional situations that come up throughout her adoption journey. Contact us to set your appointment.