How Will Abortion Affect Me Mentally?

Before having any medical procedure, you need to consider all the facts. What are the side effects and risks, and would there be a lasting impact on your life?

The same is true for abortion. It is a medical procedure that you should fully understand before proceeding.

What Are the Facts?

Every woman will react differently to an abortion. However, we do have some basic statistics.

First, research has shown that women who have undergone abortions have an 81% increased risk of mental health issues compared to women who have not. Nearly 10% of the incidence can be attributed to abortion.

Second, we know some women are more at risk for experiencing negative mental health effects after an abortion. These risk factors include:

  • Having a history of mental health issues
  • Feeling pressured to abort
  • Having existing maternal desires
  • Having conflicting moral beliefs

These risk factors show the importance of deciding for yourself without pressure and really understanding your desires and beliefs.

Mental Health Reactions After Abortion

Sometimes, women do not experience a negative emotional impact after aborting. Instead, they may feel an immediate sense of relief.

However, it is not unusual for symptoms to occur later in life. Studies have shown that grief reactions can surface months or years later.

Where Can You Find Help?

If you have aborted and are struggling, please call us at 530-661-6333. We would love to speak with you and provide community referrals that can assist you in finding the help you need.

Perhaps you think you are pregnant and are just considering abortion. It is important to verify your potential pregnancy with a medically verified pregnancy test.

At Spero Medical, we can provide a medically verified pregnancy test at no cost. If your test is positive, our medical team can perform an obstetrical ultrasound.

We care about you and are here to help.

Important note: if you are considering suicide, call the Suicide and Crisis Helpline at 988.